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Ambassadog – Pee Wee the Pug


Meet Pee Wee


Pee Wee Aloysius the Pug is miniature pug with a giant-sized heart and the incredible will to survive. Pee Wee was left abandoned on the side of the road in the dead of winter with a badly ruptured eye and grossly underweight at 3.3 pounds as a three-month old puppy. But, miraculously, he was rescued and saved.

Today, little Pee Wee has one eye and is blind in the other, but uses his superpowers to navigate his world. He is the sweetest, spunkiest little pug you could ever meet. He is his Papa’s shadow. He loves to be held and kissed, run around the yard with his brothers, play crazy with leaves and chew on sticks, wear warm and fun clothes, and sleep with his head tucked into your shirt or a blanket. His also possesses the ability to make anyone he meets fall in love with him.




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